Tooling & Mold Making

The best molds are a result of the best tooling. We take pride in delivering the highest quality products in the industry.

American made quality

All of our products are proudly made in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility, and have been for over 40 years. Your mold will be designed and developed by our team of veteran craftsmen, ensuring and exceeding your satisfaction. Pelican is ISO 9001 and UL certified.


— Pelican Services —


We do all of our tooling and machining. That means you work with the same people from day one until the project is done. Not only does this allow for efficient and quick communication, but results in an expedited timeline and measurable cost savings. By keeping all the work in house we are in a position to quickly resolve any issues that may arise during the production phase.

Mold Takeover

It's happened to everyone — someone over promises and under delivers. When others can't get your job done, Pelican has consistently proven that we are the best in mold takeover. Our standards based, customer focused shop can take your transfer, and with little to no down time get your project into production and into your hands.

Quality Certification & Control

Pelican is known for attention to quality and consistently high standards. We are an Underwriters Laboratory recognized vendor, and we do government work with critical mil-spec requirements. During and after production, parts are constantly checked against and inspected visually and with specialized gauges to insure compliance with specified tolerances and finishes.