Secondary Operations

Pelican offers several value added services to supplement your plastic molded products. From assembly to welding, our secondary operations can handle any project.

A true one stop shop

Pelican Plastic Molding is more than just an injection molding shop. We offer everything you need to get your next project done — on time and under budget. By providing our secondary services in-house, we save you time and money. When you need it done right the first time you can trust Pelican will get you there.


— Capabilities —

Pad Printing

If you need to add a logo or text to a part, but want to be able to change it easily and without modifying the tooling, we can print directly onto your product with ink in up to 5 colors.

Hot Stamping

Similar to pad printing, but instead of ink we use a method of heat transfer to apply your image or text. Hot stamping is available in colored, metallic, and reflective tape or hologram film.

Ultrasonic Welding

High frequency low amplitude vibration creates heat and joins materials together. Ultrasonic welding can be used on almost all plastic material, and is the fastest heat sealing technology available.

Solvent Bonding

In solvent bonding, a solvent is applied which can temporarily dissolve the polymer at room temperature. When this occurs, two or more materials can be fused together.

Drilling & Tapping

One of the most common secondary operations is the drilling and tapping of holes in a product.


Either through the use of one-off molds or 3D printing, we can design and produce a prototype of your project for testing.


At Pelican, we are able to meet any assembly challenge — from snapping two parts together to custom, complicated insertion methods.


We offer complete, consumer-ready packaging on all of our projects. If you need a complete part bagged and tagged, or a combination of pieces and directions, Pelican will deliver high quality and shelf ready packaging.