Engineering Services

We provide answers to engineering questions in any phase of product development. As thermoplastics specialsits, we may already know the solution to your problem.

We love a good challenge

Have an impossible idea? Great! We thrive on taking on the projects others won't touch. Our skilled engineers can plan, design, and produce exactly what you need, and by combining our know-how with modern technological capabilities we can accomplish just about anything you can imagine.


— Pelican Services —

Industrial Design & Development

Customers rely on us for expertise in part design, material selection, processing, mold design, prototype development, tooling, cost reduction, and quality requirements. Prototype molding and working product models developed by Pelican can verify design, material selection, and process feasability. In our tool room we design, build, modify, and maintain production tooling. We mold thermoplastic resins, using a variety of grades, colors, and additives.

Quality Certification & Control

Pelican is known for attention to quality and consistently high standards. We are an Underwriters Laboratory recognized vendor, and we do government work with critical mil-spec requirements. During and after production, parts are constantly checked against and inspected visually with specialized gauges to insure compliance with specified tolerances and finishes.