3D Printing & Design

We can build a tangible prototype for your next product using our 3D printer. This allows for full product testing without the need for multiple molds through the design stage.

Concept Realization

3D printing uses and additive process where multiple layers of material are combined in different shapes until an object is complete. By using your supplied files, or engineering them for you, we can literally print your ideas into reality.


— Key Advantages —

Solve Problems — Before They're a Problem

Have you ever wanted to literally hold a thought in your hand? With 3D printing we can move away from 2D, on screen conceptualization to working with a functional physical prototype. Using this model you are enabled to test in ways never before possible, saving both time and money in the product development process.

End-Use Production

Products created using 3D printing require little to no finish work, and don't rely on expensive molds. We can produce a product directly from 3D CAD Data without any tooling required. If you're next project requires a low volume and quick turnaround, Pelican's 3D printing may be the solution you're looking for.